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How to make a solid business case for a new hire in 2023

Making a business case for a new hire in any company can often be an enduring and difficult process. The larger the company, the more likely it is you will be contending with the process, bureaucracy, annual earning reports, and general political battles. If it’s a small to medium company … Read more

The Evolution of B2B Demand Generation

What is B2B Demand Generation Marketing? B2B demand generation is a marketing tactic focused on creating awareness about a businesses product or service and its brand. A marketing campaign may use ‘demand gen’ further down the funnel, but usually with a more targeted approach, or incentives. The goal of demand … Read more

6 Best Practices for Employee Engagement

Creating best practices for a positive employee experience isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes time for a business to instill its values and take on a holistic approach to employee engagement that creates a harmonious working environment.  Factors such as people’s role within a business {HR Exec vs CEO}, … Read more